高分子科学系列讲座第291讲,Prof. Mark Julian Henderson,(Ce-Al)-oxide Pillared Bentonite: a High Affinity Sorbent for Plutonium

文章来源:    发布时间:2019-04-09
报告题目:(Ce-Al)-oxide Pillared Bentonite: a High Affinity Sorbent for Plutonium (NO.PSLAB291-PS2019-06)
报 告 人:Prof. Mark Julian Henderson
单  位:西南科技大学

The ability of bentonite and montmorillonite pillared by Al-oxide and mixed (Ln-Al)-oxides (Ln = La, Ce) to remove 239plutonium solution species from water is comparatively investigated at pH 7 and pH 4. Small-angle scattering and neutron contrast variation with H2O/D2O mixtures is used to verify the ingress of water in the calcined products after hydrophilicity was introduced by an NH3-H2O vapor treatment. The size and shape of the (La/Ce)-Al oxo-hydroxy pillaring cations (2 nm spheres) is determined by small-angle x-ray scattering from the pillaring solutions. Not all of the oxide pillars improved Pu uptake compared with sodium montmorillonite. At neutral and acidic pH only (Ce-Al)-oxide pillared clays showed the ability to remove Pu over the concentration range studied (1.35?10-8 – 8?10-8 mol dm-3) with distribution coefficient (KD) values >104. XPS analysis of the (Ce-Al)-oxide pillared clays indicates the presence of Ce4+ as cerium dioxide. The progressive improvement in sorption performance in the order of pillar type: Al2O3 < La???2O3-Al?2O3 << Ce???O2-Al-2O3 reflects the increasing access of Pu solution species to the clay mineral layers by changes to the basal spacing and specific surface area, and to the increasing stability of the pillars to the test conditions.

 Prof. Mark Julian Henderson



  Mark Julian Henderson,英国与澳大利亚双重国籍,澳大利亚西澳大学博士学位(无机化学专业),现任“环境友好能源材料国家重点实验室(西南科技大学)”—环境修复材料国际研究中心 全日制特聘教授,澳大利亚皇家化学学会终生会员、澳大利亚皇家化学学会特许化学专家、四川省千人计划创新领军人才长期项目获得者。长期从事“无机化学与纳米功能材料”领域的研究工作,在丹麦可持续能源国家实验室、英国卢瑟福阿普尔顿实验室、澳大利亚核科学与技术机构以及法国劳厄郎之万实验室等国际知名大型实验装置上有着丰富的X射线/中子小角散射/反射研究经验。在Advanced Materials,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,Chemical Communications以及Carbon等国际权威学术期刊发上发表论文五十余篇。

  主要研究领域:1)矿物粘土与锕系核素的相互作用机制研究;2)锕系核素在水环境中的迁移研究; 3)X射线和中子小角散射及反射实验技术与理论方法研究。